There is an emerging trend that is sickening among the African preachers. Church splits and church hoping has become the norm. If  somebody is seeking to establish a ministry the biggest motivation is how can i engorge my self and get the best i can, can it and sit on it.

The biggest motivation for planting a church is not for building up the body of Christ but seeking for ways by which one can get to mint the generous contribution from the west. Churches in the west are known to be generous in giving towards gospel ministry courses and many lay preachers have often times taken this to their advantage. One would easily split a congregation and plant his church right close to the previous and start looking for ways of attracting donor funding.

Ones the funds begin to come in, these group of people would quickly channel the money to other personal projects and even prepare deeds under their name. Others get engorged and soon they leave the Church giving excuses like my set covenant with God for service was a given number of years; seven for instance. At this point and time they usually have fat bank accounts, big houses and a fleet of imported automobiles

The folk simply moves on to build his empire as he continues to con the donors. Well this is embarrassing and ungodly. The trend is becoming worse and worse. The effect of such behavior is that many vulnerable people have been used as baits. These preachers take photos of their congregations and post them online on their blogs and websites to depict the poverty and misery of the church members.

When the western donor churches see such photos they give continuously to help but the money gets to the preachers pockets. Soon the flock is left without a shepherd and the donors get to realize the mischief maybe  a little bit too late. The funding is stopped and the ministry sinks to oblivion. And the cycle continues, another lay preacher, another ministry, another generous giver and finally a disillusioned flock.

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